Exclusively Specializing In Construction Loans For Developers.

BuildFund Capital has over 30 years of construction and development expertise, offering dedicated support exclusively for California commercial real estate developers. Unlike traditional brokers, we specialize solely in development and construction loans. Our tailored, client-centric approach provides the financial solutions to bring your commercial construction vision to life.


Construction Loans

Construction loans are short-term tools tailored for developers, enabling them to fund construction and renovation projects. These loans offer interim support until long-term financing is established, releasing funds at pivotal milestones and catering to expenses from land acquisition to property renovation. 

At BuildFund Capital, we specialize in connecting developers with the best construction loans, adapting solutions to your distinct needs. Our expansive network and knowledge streamline the process, directing you to success.

Loan Features

  • Flexibility in tight cash situations 
  • Begin construction before securing long-term finance 
  • Pay interest only on drawn funds 
  • Versatility in usage from operations to property enhancements 


Bridge Loans

Bridge loans are short-term financial solutions used by developers to bridge immediate financial needs, typically pending longer-term financing. These loans, often secured by real estate or business assets, provide crucial cash flow to meet current obligations while waiting for other funding or property sales. 

BuildFund Capital specializes in connecting developers with optimal bridge loans for new construction that cater to their circumstances. With a vast network of bridge lenders and an in-depth understanding of the market, we ensure a swift, hassle-free process, positioning your project or transaction for success

Loan Features

  • Financial flexibility during transitional periods
  • Customized to suit various scenarios beyond real estate
  • Bridge lending up to 80% of the combined value of properties
  • Suitable for borrowers with excellent credit and low DTI ratios


Acquisition Loans

Acquisition loans are designed for commercial real estate (CRE) endeavors, offering financial support to corporations, developers, partnerships, and trusts in acquiring income-producing properties like offices, retail spaces, and apartments. 

With BuildFund Capital, you benefit from our 30-year history in commercial real estate. We help developers and real estate investment firms secure the best business acquisition loans tailored to their unique requirements, ensuring a smooth transaction while maximizing ROI.

Loan Features

  • Flexible terms with shorter durations and extended amortization
  • Assessment based on property type, borrower’s credit, and financial ratios
  • Typical down payments ranging from 20% to 30%
  • Interest rates can be variable or fixed for specific periods

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