With a 30-year legacy, Erik is a seasoned figure in California commercial real estate. His multifaceted journey, spanning numerous industry roles from developer, attorney, prime contractor, broker, development consultant, and now a construction loan broker, has enabled him to offer developers comprehensive financing services with unmatched guidance and insight.

Leading BuildFund Capital, Erik champions a client-centric approach to real estate development finance, turning ambitions into achievements. Trust your vision to a firm that understands the complexities of development and provides you with the financial solutions critical to the success of your project.

Construction Loan Expertise Across Industries

With expertise spanning various sectors, BuildFund Capital provides exceptional construction loan services tailored to California real estate developers’ needs and unique project requirements.

Multifamily &

Secure financing for your multi-family or hospitality project backed by decades of industry-specific expertise.

Industrial &

Specialized California construction loans for manufacturing and self-storage to confidently navigate the market.


Obtain robust financial backing for your biotech construction projects, ensuring innovations are met with flexible loan solutions.


Commercial real estate construction loans specifically crafted for private healthcare development, enabling state-of-the-art facilities.

Retail & Food

Propel your retail or food service venture with commercial construction loans fine-tuned to current market dynamics and consumer trends.


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30+ Years of Commercial Construction Excellence

At BuildFund Capital, we cater specifically to California real estate developers, offering tailored financing solutions for their unique projects. We recognize that every venture has distinct financial intricacies, which is why we dedicate our commercial construction services to real estate development and construction loans. 

Our advantage is 30 years of deep-seated expertise in the construction and capital property lending process. While other brokers diversify, we focus solely on development and construction financing. This sharp focus ensures rapid and effective construction loan acquisition, even amidst fluctuating market scenarios. 

Your construction project, whether a housing development, office space, mixed-use initiative, or a single-family home, deserves optimal financing. We’re here to bridge financial challenges, ensuring your real estate vision transitions seamlessly from blueprint to reality.

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